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September 04, 2001, 19:32
Staring at this pile of parts that wants to be a G1 and realized I have only one return spring for the lower. Is that normal for the G1? If not, should I just order two new ones?
Thanks guys!

September 04, 2001, 19:44
FWIW, I just took my Tapco G1 apart last night and it had 2 Springs!


September 04, 2001, 19:54
What spring are you talking about / missing?

There are ten on the basic FAL.

front sight spring (coil)
rear sight spring (s-shape)
locking body (coil: heavy duty)
recoil tube (coil: inner and outer)
gas piston (coil: shorter than recoil springs)
sear plunger (coil: easily confused with trigger plunger spring, but slightly shorter)
trigger plunger (coil)
magazine latch (coil)
bolt stop (coil: captive in bolt stop shaft)
gas plug (coil: captive in gas plug)
firing pin (coil)

September 04, 2001, 20:30
Is it possible you are so excited to be holding FAL nirvana in your very own hands, an actual G1 kit originally destined for RRotz, that you got a little cross-eyed and missed noticing the inner recoil spring within the outer recoil spring? (That's what I think you mean by "return spring for the lower.")

Not counting the rear sight, your lower would also have:
* trigger return spring -trigger plunger (coil)- behind the trigger, under the pistol grip;
* sear spring -sear plunger (coil)- inside the trigger, between the trigger and sear;
* locking latch spring -locking body (coil)- inside the locking latch, deep inside your lower.
All of these springs are single. The recoil spring should be double.

If you actually only have just one recoil spring (look again!) I'm guessing your parts kit must be pretty beat up! TAPCO has new recoil springs for $10, or DSA has the entire rifle set for $30.


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September 04, 2001, 21:00
Thanks for the fast replies guys! Yep, it's the springs in the recoil tube and I only have one (outer). Didn't know if this design was different (w/1) or not. Kits not too bad. I live in KS so it may be part of the shipping zone that RROTZ is in from Tapco's shipping point. :D