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September 04, 2001, 19:06
Finally got around to dismantalling the G1 for cleaning and refinishing. So far I've broken two front sight tools, one pair of snap ring pliars and my good mood. I've tried heating and other tricks (I sent so many smoke signals im probably engaged.) Does anyone make a front sight tool that will resist 50 ft/lb, I reckon thats what it's going to take to free that sucker. On the plus side I found enough carbon to make a box on pencils! And no I haven't tried a dremel (YET!)


September 04, 2001, 19:25
The G1 sights on the rear appear to be in perfect parade ground alignment on the kits I have seen. Probably never adjusted.

My front site is a little difficult to adjust. When you figure out how to move that thing, be sure and post it. A lot of people are going to want to know how. :D

September 04, 2001, 19:34
I know what you are going through, I broke one sight tool, a pair of needle nose and also bent a punch. I tried soaking them in WD40 and penetrating oil for several days and also several cycles with the torch and nothing. I don't know how some of these sights get so tight :mad: I finally tried heating it up a little more each time and it would not move at all until the sight disc was glowing orange hot! It would then rotate 1/2 turn and freeze up again when it cooled to just below cherry red. I ended up going through this cycle about 5 times before it came all the way. The sight post was melted but I managed to keep the heat off the gas block so it didn't glow.
If you try a dremel, my best guess would be to cut around the outside of the sight disc and try to break it away from the ears.

September 04, 2001, 19:44

Let's see here.




No dremel-time for me tonight.

September 04, 2001, 21:47
I can satisfy gary and the rest of you at the same time. I took my largest screwdriver and cut the width down with my grinder to that of a front sight tool. I then used the drimel to cut the notch and legs for the two insertion points. You can put some torque on the sight with this "m*tha". Removed the one from the G1 without trouble. the groove where the spring goes and the notch where the tabbed washer goes were full of a 40 year mixture of congealed oil, Turkish Dust, dirt, and I don't really want to know what else. I'm sure that the narcs would be interested, though. The Imbel kit had almost as much crud in it, plus the sight base where the two holes are was half broken off! My oversized "tool" took care of it like the champ that it is.

September 05, 2001, 19:48
Well I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one having problems getting the front sight to turn!

September 05, 2001, 20:01
I second Turk's screwdriver tool. I made one for the bipod leg screws on an STG awhile ago, and discovered on the R1 I recently got that it fits the pistol grip screw and the front sight. Can we submit this as an oficial WESCOG field tool of some sort? :cool:

September 06, 2001, 08:55
Photos and dimensions please.

September 07, 2001, 08:04

It was strickly a "file to fit/paint to match" operation. As long as it fit in the front sight, aligned w/ the front sight holes, cleared the front sight post, and provided me with enough heft to apply copious amounts of torque, I didn't care. Defined thusly, This HAS to be a WECSOG activity.

September 07, 2001, 15:23
My Imbel front site has been stuck since i built the gun. Today i took a 1/2 inch bolt (it has a 3/4 inch head for a wrench) and cut it off right where the trheads start leaving me about a 2 inch shoulder below the head. I then took a 3/16 drill bit and center drilled it (the end where i cut off the threads) Then took a .096 drill bit and drilled a hole on each side of the center hole. Then took two small roll pins(they measured .100 making them a .004 press fit) I shortened them up with my ginder With this setup and a 3/4 inch wrench the site came loose, It worked great

September 08, 2001, 01:56
yep, file and fit.

I think I did the rough cutting with one of my super duper "electrician" hack saw blades, then filed to fit (better exercise then dremel.. :)