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May 23, 2006, 08:11
A friend of mine is turkey hunting in the woods behind my house last week. Its about 5-600 acres. He got a 22lb bird on monday, wednesday he's out sitting with his back against a stone wall. He's got a couple of decoys out in front of him, and he's clucking away like a lovesick hen. He told me he heard a noise behind him and then a coyote leaps over the wall and lands almost in his lap! I wonder who was more surprised?

May 23, 2006, 15:14
I'd have had to change my drawers after that one.:biggrin:

Para Driver
May 23, 2006, 18:33
.. to hell with the surprise, who makes the call so I can buy one!!
did he at least kill the coyote?

Regal Beagal
May 24, 2006, 06:24
Man, what state are you in? Our turkey season has been out for almost 3 weeks. BOY I WOULD LOVE TO EXTEND MY TURKEY SEASON! Of course, my wife would hate it. The closest thing I've had to a coyote was a fox who stormed my decoys when I was trying to call in a Tom. To say the least he didn't make it out of the area.

Para Driver
May 24, 2006, 07:46
I bet 'ole Mr. Fox got the surprise on that one...

Timber Wolf
May 24, 2006, 09:25
I have a couple of wildlife-sneaking-up-on-man storys.
#1 As Dad got older he got creative in ways to keep hunting and enjoying the outdoors. He built a magnum blind he could almost drive up to and then hobble over and sit behind it and call coyotes. My casual observations of "older" gents hunting leads me to believe that a lot of their blind/tree stand time is spent dozing if not outright asleep. Anyway, Dad said he was a-calling when he got that funny feeling of being watched. He turned to see the 'yote standing about 20 feet BEHIND him watching him! Says he would have tried to get the shot but his truck was the backstop. Coyote ran off and Dad went home for some VO.

#2 A irrigation ditch meandered across dad's farm leaving an irregular area next to the road that we pastured and stored some big concrete pipe in. The only way we had to water it was to open the gate at the ditch and then wait to watch the flow to see if you had it open enough. I opened it one day and then went down the fence row a ways and sat back in a half-assed goose blind Dad had made by nailing some boards on the fence back in some tall brush. My dog spent the time checking out the concrete pipe for items of interest. Directly I hear the dangest dog yipping and barking and it sounds like a herd of buffalo charging toward me. Before I can even lean forwrd to try and see what is going on a half grown Bobcat jumps in my lap! He had two paws on my lap and two on my chest and was looking me dead in the eyes, for about a 10th of a second. Then he jumped over my shoulder and headed for the hills. My dog ran up and gave me that disgusted dog look that said "I ran him straight to you and you didn't grab him"? The dog would not have anything to do with me for a week.

May 24, 2006, 21:12
I've had a few 'yotes come in while turkey hunting but not as close as that!!

Para Driver
May 25, 2006, 09:12
.. I had 'something' slither across my foot one evening, while sitting in a Lion blind in Zambia.. probably a cobra....

June 18, 2006, 11:47
sounds like my friend Dean. he's been attacked every year by some type of critter turkey hunting. mostly bobcats though. always fun to hear him tell the stories

June 19, 2006, 10:19
Wow, I thought this thread was dead! My friend said the coyote was 10 yards away and gainin' speed before he even thought about takin' a shot at it. Beagle, I live in CT, spring turkey season was 5/3 to 5/27, 3 bearded birds on private land, 2 bearded on state land. Fall is 10/7 to 10/31, 2 either sex on private land, 1 either sex on state land. Population is still growing since a big restocking program was done by the state DEP in the early '80's.