View Full Version : What's for dinner? Caribou w/ Morels!

May 13, 2006, 11:58
I was lucky enough to win an all expense paid caribou hunt to Quebec last year. (It's a story in itself) Talked my hunting/fishing/beer drinking buddy into coming along. We had a great trip and tagged out with two bulls each early. Spent the rest of the trip trout fishing, scouting and helping around camp.

Every aspect of the trip was great but maybe the best part is just how good Caribou meat is. Tender as veal. No gamey taste. Cooks great on the grill or in the skillet. I've served it to guests for Christmas, New Years and Easter as steak, cabobs and fajitas. It has got to be the most versatile meat there is.

My buddy just finished his Spring turkey hunt. It was rainy and cold this week so he switched to Morel picking. He brought me back a bunch. I've got some perch from ice fishing this year and a boat load of snapping turtle meat from last summer. Tonight will be surf and turf, northern style. Caribou with morels. Lake perch on the side. A little bit of snapping turtle soup to start things off.

May 13, 2006, 15:44
Dang, Wi, that sounds good!! Tell me, how does 'bou taste compared
to elk? I've always thought elk tasted more like cow than deer. Ain't
never had a chance to try moose, but I'd like to. Our lil 'ol Arkansas
whitetails can get pretty gamey unless you can find a young 'tender
morsel' female. I like to eat - don't give a rap about th' horns!


(hey, no offense intended for you 'trophy' guys. Just ain't my bag.)

May 13, 2006, 18:38
Oh Yeah. We're all fat and happy now. Elk is better than deer but nothing tops caribou. So I am told and so have I tried.

My next excursion will be for moose. Not for the meat but just because; they're big, they're in the north woods and one has got my name on it before I die. Well that and a 50" muskie. In the mean time eat hearty my friends. May sweet dreams of the FAL and limitless cases of ammo escort you where ever you go.