View Full Version : Para scope, top cover & IR laser

May 09, 2006, 14:52
I'm planing on building a Para/STG58. I want a rail top and rail foregrip by DSA. I have been reading about the other types of top mounts but I was thinking of getting the DSA extended rail which will give me a continuos rail along the top & can be seen here;


As far as a scope, I have a TA31A with ARMS mount but feel that it will be sitting too high and will not have enough eye relief. I thought about using a TA11 to help with the eye relief but think Im still going to have trouble with the height of the scope even if I use the DSA scope mount made for ACOGs. I'm thinking about getting a variable power (1-4x) scope with combined red dot. Something like the Leupold CQ/T or IOR CQT (see link below for IOR).


The reason for the rail foregrip from DSA is because I dont know of any other and I will be using an IR laser & IR flashlight.

I'm new to FALs and wanted input about the scope, top cover and IR laser for an FAL in para configuration.

May 10, 2006, 12:40
Hello, and welcome to the Falfiles!
Check into the FDA rules regarding IR Lasers. IIRC, we need FDA approval to sell IR Lasers because weapon mounted IR Lasers do not have the required safety features needed to handle non eye safe Lasers. At least not the ones we make for handguns. Just proceed carefully. Good luck!