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April 29, 2006, 22:07
Swapped out a HTS set on a Imbel/Imbel rifle today. Put about 200 rounds done the tube and No problems. After going threw a dozen FSE returns, I was a little unsure about trying a new set.
At first I used thier spring set with the new HTS and the hammer would fall, after jacking the bolt carrier hard. Spring set works fine on OEM stuff but not on the Falcon Arms HTS. All 200 rounds went threw several mags with the base plates and carriers from FA with out any problems.
I am a very happy customer. BT the way- Aimpoint red dots are sweet on fals also.;)

April 29, 2006, 22:38
I recently bought a Falcon Arms H/T/S also and it's the best I've used straight out of the package. Mine came up with about 5.5lbs, which is pretty darn good for an FAL.


May 26, 2006, 15:21
I got one winner and one loser.

One has very good H-S engagement, about 5# pull, nice break, normal overtravel, NO hammer follow. Other one has hair trigger (1#? I didn't use my gauge), really poor sear engagement - about half, and just a few ten thousandths - normal overtravel and hammer DOES follow carrier.

Have email/phone mssgs in to company for replacement. note 27MAY06: should receive replacement in a couple of days. Falcon Arms was/is VERY responsive and helpful.

Interesting thing is, I've noticed similar reports of intermittent failures with FSE, DSA, and Falcon. Really hit or miss here. Most folks are happy with FSE (I've got two FALs with their sets in them, hundreds of rounds shot w/ good results), but there are complaints with them too.

Good luck.

May 26, 2006, 18:26
+1 so far considering customer service and shipping. bought a complete para-spring kit for a build that is lacking a couple springs. will edit when rifle gets here

June 10, 2006, 08:54
VERY fast response to email, fast (priority mail) replacement which works fine.

Thanks again, Falcon guys.

Strong recommendation here. Good product, good post-sale service.