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Andy the Aussie
April 14, 2006, 04:26
Deep in the bowls of Dumping Brass a couple of weeks ago I was telling Splattermatic a little about a few days I had spent out hunting Black Fallow. I didn't fire a shot and as the going was pretty rough and bloody hot I neglected to take any pics at all while out. Just the other day one of my oldest mates returned from the same country and e-mailed me a couple of pics he took.

This one is a young buck that wandered up to where he was sitting and end up getting shot (with a camera :bigangel: ) . He is very small and unimpressive head but it is a great pic none the less. Give him a few years......:devil:


Andy the Aussie
April 14, 2006, 04:32
One more he snapped off .....different buck, different day. He had the camera set to black and white as he had been being "artistic" earlier and forgot to change it. I think it tuned out pretty well though....!!!

So thanks Graeme (he does look in here from time to time) for the pics I neglected to take.... :)


April 14, 2006, 07:00
I'm impressed!
Looks like a good sized deer. Shaped kinda different than the Whitetails I'm usta seeing. Sorta stocky. So how big *are* they? I was always under the impession that Fallow Deer were on the small side?

Thanks for the pix,

April 14, 2006, 07:47
beautiful fellow. What's the difference between this fallow and the ones the hunt guide here called "chocolate" fallow? Look very similar in color and shade.
Hey, my spike was 170#. I didn't think he was too small when I was hauling him out of the swamp and palmetto grass.

Andy the Aussie
April 14, 2006, 16:12
Delta, they are pretty stocky but not huge by any means. I have some other pics with reference that would give you a better idea. I have regularly packed out 1/2 a body from this country with some sweat but few tears.....;)

LA I am guessing the Chocolate fallow and our blacks are the same critter, there are lots of Menil running in this country and they have done lots of cross breeding. I have sen some Hungarian in there as well (they have a distinct red colour to them).

I was hunting for the head this time around. These two are VERY small to what is in the valley. If hunting for meat I try to deck them down low and close to a vehicle track ;) To me much of a good trophy is the hunt and what the area you are in is capable of producing. In other parts of Australia these two would be the best available. Tasmania probably produces the best Fallow heads in the country....they look a "mini me moose"....!!!


April 14, 2006, 20:54
pretty deer