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October 05, 2001, 12:07
I have a L1A1 with a barrel that appears in like new condition. Gun has a Century brake and funtions 100%. Shooting Hirt and SA ammo, I am experiencing "vertical stringing" of the groups. From bench rest at 50 yards with iron sights, groups are strung approximately 6" vertically. Horizontal dispersion is approximately 2". Change of contact/support point on the handguard has not resulted in any improvement.
I would appreciate any comments on possible causes and solutions.

October 05, 2001, 13:11
How are you supporting it?
Are they stringing in a pattern or randomly?
Sounds like there is some kind of stress on the barrel as it heats up.
Or maybe that nasty Century break is having a cumulative effect on the shooter. :eek:

October 05, 2001, 14:50
Try shooting a few groups with your handguards removed. If your shooting improves, check to see that your handguards are too snug. My R1 acted quirky until I noticed that the handguards were real tight (the handguard bolt was tight against the hole in the block). I filed some material off the rear of the guard (both the tang part that goes into the ring and the shoulder that was hitting the front edge of the ring) until the handguard was a little loose when it was installed. That settled it right down.

October 05, 2001, 21:36
The muzzle on my Century L1A1 was messed up.
I think when they installed the brake they deformed the end. A patch thru the bore would suddenly get harder to push at the muzzle. I lopped off the brake & recrowned the end. End of tight spot & much better groups. Something to check for anyway.
Good luck.

Derby FALs
October 06, 2001, 11:40
How is the lockup between the upper and lower? If it is loose you might get stringing.