View Full Version : defective Williams aluminum receiver (locking shoulder falls out)

October 05, 2001, 10:00
Yes, It's a 1st gen William's receiver. Locking shoulder was not very tight on the right side of receiver, But was on the left. I installed with it an arbor press. After cycling it by hand a dozen times the l.s. fell out enough to jam the action. Approximately 1/2" from bolt closing. I removed the lower (carefully) and jiggled the bolt enough to free it all up. The l.s is now a "drop in" installation, It also drops out when turned on the right side! Here's the measurements per a digital mic: L.S. receiver hole .298 Ends of l.s. .294 center of l.s. .258 I'm new to FALs, And from what I've read locking shoulders are different sizes in the center where contacting the b/c, not on the ends. Correct? Any suggestions on a fix? Please I don't want to send it back to Williams. I've put a little bit of work into the ejector block flaws. Plus I really don't want to wait 2 months for a remake. WECSOG masters, Please step forward. :confused:

October 05, 2001, 10:13
No experience with it on FALs, but folks have been suggesting "Red" Loc-tite.

October 05, 2001, 10:51
Locktite will not work for more than a few rounds.

Jen has some oversized LS and the Aussies made some oversize for rebuilds. They MIGHT work.

The next items to work loose will be the ejector block pins. They can POSSIBLY be peened to prevent their exit.

I did not check to see if the fit on the lower was correct although it did not just jump out as a problem during the short time I had the receiver. The later models seem to be about .02 to .04 out of spec according to the reviews postings.

October 05, 2001, 10:55
Dirtfarmer, I'll try it AFTER I'm certain that is the right size l.s. My h.s. gauges should be here tomorrow. Thanks, Dave

Blood of Tyrants
October 05, 2001, 12:56
Try tinning the end of the locking shoulder with silver solder. If you don't want to do that, wedge a piece of steel inside the receiver to support it and lightly peen the egdes of the hole.

If you really don't want to mess with it, contact Williams Arms and ask for a replacement.

Double G Gunsmithing
October 05, 2001, 13:49
Dear DWS,

Beofre you do anything to the rec, return it
to WAC for a replacement, free of charge.

Call Lori @ 541-549-7085

or E-Mail @ dwight@williamsarms.com

Lori will give you a return authorization number and sched you for a replacement rec,
no charge to you.

Sincerely, George L. Gouger
Life Member NRA Since 1969 www.doubleggunsmithing.com (http://www.doubleggunsmithing.com)

October 06, 2001, 14:02
Thanks guys for all the advice. George, Glad to see you are helping Dwight out. I know you're going to think I'm crazy. Maybe just plain ol' stubborn pride. I've got alot of time in this, It fits the lower perfectly. I'd like to make this one work without doing any more mods to the receiver. I don't like to "give up". Can I try an oversize l.s. as Bill suggested? Or would this possibly void a warranty? If it does not work then I would be more than willing to send it back. Thanks, Dave

October 06, 2001, 18:03
The only issue on the oversize shoulder Dave is whether or not the LS is augering out the hole.

I did not keep mine long enough to experiment but the original shoulder went in tightly with some pressure but after 70 rds. it came and went with only finger pressure. I do not think the LS was getting smaller. I concluded the hole was being augered, either the alloy was depleting or the finish was coming off in the hole.

Good luck with it. You obviously have more patience than I do.

October 06, 2001, 20:21

Using an oversize L/S diameter would certainly remedy your problem.
And no, using an oversize L/S will not void your warranty.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact myself or George.

Dwight E. Williams

October 07, 2001, 20:58
Dwight, Sent you an e-mail. I'd like to fix this upper and get it running.