View Full Version : Trigger stop screws?

Brian in MN
October 05, 2001, 09:29
Anyone have any experience with trigger stop screws? I have a CZ 75B that has a lot of over travel and am thinking about having a stop installed. Anyone used them? Are they worth the trouble?

October 05, 2001, 17:08
Most of my handguns have set screws for overtravel. I did one S&W 645 myself, years ago, since sold. I wouldn't recommend a WECSOG version of same to anyone. Too many variables to list all, but start w/hardened parts and the ability to "lock" the stop screw, as to avoid all movement once set. ASk me how I know? Delta went F/A (WOW!)on me w/a too closely set stop, that "shifted".

Look for aftermarket/factory originals w/same. If not, go to professional gunsmith to have mods done. Get refs and try to find one that does competition work; thier customers are the fussiest. ;)


September 24, 2002, 09:43
One method is to thread the trigger return plunger. Install a nut on the plunger, so that the nut stops against the plunger yoke. Loctite the nut when you have it set to your satisfaction. Easier than drilling a hole in the trigger for a set-screw.

September 24, 2002, 11:31
this mod should only be done on target guns. the only set i have (out of twenty autopistols) is on an early mark 1 ruger with 5 1/2 bull bbl. overtravel tends to allow the gun to put shots to the weak side, but the effect is negligeable when your opponent is twenty feet or less away, which is what your gun is made for.