View Full Version : Brakes and accuracy

October 04, 2001, 08:14
I'm ready to choose a brake for my FAL.Do brakes affect accuracy and if so does anybody know what brake seems to be the best. Or is no brake at all the way to go? I'm more interested in accuracy than looks.

October 04, 2001, 08:44
Brakes or ports generally have a neutral effect on accuracy when installed securely.

There is some evidence to suggest that a muzzle-thingy can be "tuned" as in the Browning BOSS system. That's a silly concept in the context of a FAL. FAL's aren't accurate enough to show any significant improvement from tuning a harmonic stabilizer on the end of the barrel.

A loose-fitting muzzle thingy will spoil accuracy.

October 04, 2001, 17:57
Gary told you correctly, as usual. The DSA and Entreprise brakes work well, but are LOUD. The TAPCO brakes seem to work OK, and while LOUD, they do not seem as LOUD. I am personally leaning toward naked barrels on the rest of my builds. The recoil reduction from brakes are noticable, but my shorty's without brakes are still pleasant to shoot. Some Hesse brakes seem to increase recoil. I cannot give any info on the Moses brake, nor any others not listed here. Some folks like the looks, but they do increase the NOISE greatly. Or you can let Sledgehammer sleeve the origional, and then they are legal barrel weights. I can see no gain nor loss on my accuracy.