View Full Version : What do I use to polish stainless?

October 04, 2001, 07:05
I have a stainless Mini-14 in need of a little polishing. What should I use?

October 04, 2001, 07:31
I've been using Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish on a stainless Ruger GP-100 for a couple of years now. Leaves a nice bright finish with a little (okay, a lot) of time and elbow grease. It also does well on scratches with the felt wheel on a Dremel.


October 04, 2001, 07:37
I was cleaning the fouling from the front of my Ruger SP101 cylinder with one of those lead-free cloths, or whatever they're called. Shined it up so well I did the whole gun. I subsequently used Flitz which worked better.

I hocked the pimp gun to finance my Kimber :D

October 04, 2001, 08:52
Flitz metal polish works pretty well.

Master Blaster
October 04, 2001, 13:04
Flitz and a Scotch Brite pad.

October 04, 2001, 15:45
Go to your local motorcycle shop and get a tube of "Simichrome" - it's a very mild abrasive from France that really does a nice polish. I've used this stuff for use.

Jim Z

October 04, 2001, 16:19
I use Simichrome, great stuff.