View Full Version : FAL builder needs the cheap bare bones method for barreling AR15s

October 03, 2001, 03:57
What I need is the simple bare bones method to mount a new barrel, gas tube and delta ring into a new AR15 upper reciever. I have all the tools neccessary to build FALs but no tools for the AR. I will only do this once so I dont want to buy AR tools. I am trying to do this for under $230 which is the total cost of a barrel assembly and seperate upper.


Master Blaster
October 03, 2001, 06:47
The only thing that you have to have is the barrel nut wrench for the AR and a set of c-clip pliars. I think they are about $30.00 from Bushmaster. The rest of the process can be accomplished using a bench mounted vice and some sturdy 1"x4" planks for a receiver wrench. I have barreled many an AR this way with no problems. Make sure you lube the receiver threads when you turn the barrel nut on. Lining up the gas tube opening in the receiver with the nut is not terribly difficult and usually requires a small amount of adjustment. Oh yeah, make sure that you assemble the delta ring, spring, and c-clip onto the barrel nut before mounting on the receiver. HTH!
Jim :D :D :D :D

October 03, 2001, 17:11
If you know a mechanic who will loan you tools. There is a tool used to adjust the back lash in car differentials. It can be used in a pinch in place of the barrel nut wrench. Other than that what Master blaster said!!