View Full Version : Refinishing 3-D tiger stripe G-1 Stock??

October 02, 2001, 21:32
It seems that I have got lucky and ended up with one of these cool (walnut?) stocks.

When I got it it was so dirty and beat up that I set it aside and planned to use it as fire wood, but after I saw the pic of Gaspipes, I thought I would clean it up.
I soaked it with boiling water and auto-dish soap and got most of the grease and dings out. There are lots of small cracks all over especally where the dings were.

I started to sand but figured I should ask you guys the best way to do this before I screw it up.

There are small splits on both sides of the front hole where the spring tube goes in.
Do I run a key hole saw down them and fill the gap with something??? I remember reading something about (Arcglass:sp?) as a filler.

Any advice would be great.


October 03, 2001, 07:46
Epoxy makes a good crack filler. The trick is finding a way to inject it into the the crack.

October 03, 2001, 09:30
To fix cracks in a nice piece of wood: Keep in mind that I am far from a woodworker, but I couldn't let myself drill a crack and glue in an insert in an otherwise beautiful piece of wood. I have had reasonably good luck with several stocks by simply using slight pressure to open the crack, and using my finger to squeeze waterproof wood glue into the crack, and then clamp overnight. Then refinish.

It won't last forever, but in light duty use, it should last quite some time.

stand watie
October 03, 2001, 10:25
Elmer's Carpenters Glue (the yellowish stuff)is CHEAP & stronger than the wood!
you can work it into the crack w/little effort, then use HEAVY rubber bands as a "clamp"-----> the secret is good pressure overnight.
for dixie,sw :D :D

Derby FALs
October 03, 2001, 22:33
What about Gorilla Glue?

October 03, 2001, 23:24
Second that Gurrilla Glue. I messed up and dishwashed a English L1A1 stock. needless to say that the glued pards did not stay togeather. Used the GG and is stronger than the original glue. To boot it is sandable and stains great. Look at it, I know ACE and Lowes.