View Full Version : How to remove G1 buttstock?

October 02, 2001, 19:01
I pulled off the buttplate and then unscrewed the recoil spring retainer. It came out without a hitch. I took out the little screw behind the pistol grip. This particular gun has the ferrule where it mates to the lower, does this have something to do with it? The other buttstock popped right off but it was a non ferrule type. Help!

October 02, 2001, 19:29
Just add elbow grease.

Its just tight. There is nothing else holding it on other than decades of congealed, hardened goo.

Rest the ears of the lower receiver on a piece of wood. Rap the butt of the stock with a rubber mallet or something similar. Twist it and wiggle it.

October 03, 2001, 02:21
Wood can do funny things with changes in humidity or altered dimensions over time. Some can really hug the recoil spring tube. If a stock refuses to budge after all the standard parts/screws are out, I remove the rear sight, then whip out my trusty ooooold Uncle Henry lockback and place the edge at the top between the wood and lower. Plastic hammer time, whack whack. Knife literally starts to wedge the wood away from the lower. Remove blade, now attack from the side, the stock wedges off a little more. Gently wiggle the blade, I don't want to bugger the wood. (This of course is not a concern if your stock has a metal ferrule.) Finally can get a small scrap of pine in as a "pry bar" so the stock clears the tab on the lower... twist and tug, it's off. Later, I take medium fine sandpaper on a slotted rod chucked into a drill, and lightly sand the inside of the stock's recoil tube channel. I don't want it to rattle and bang around on the tube, just reduce the interference fit. Now the offending stock pushes on snugly without its former death-grip.


October 03, 2001, 06:58
Managed to get it off and was amazed at the amount of nasty brown stain and hardened oil clinging to the spring tube. It's like they poured the recess full of crap and then hammered the tube in place, arghh! Thanks for the help. Wood looks great after one Easy Off Treatment.