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April 01, 2002, 22:09
My FAL started acting up. It frequently slams into the feeding round, denting it in the middle of the case. A few times it had trouble feeding the first round out of the mag.

Gas setting 5, Hirtenberger, 18" barrel, assembled by GP.

That's a magazine problem, right? I was using a mag I don't think I've ever used before.

I also just installed the DSA scope mount. In my mind the mount can't be the problem because if the rifle is ejecting (and it is... some 12' or so) and locking back on an empty mag (and it is) it should be able to pick up the next round. There's no binding or friction I can detect when the mount is installed.

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April 02, 2002, 06:51
As NOCOMPROMISE said, try a different mag. that you know has worked in the past. Take the mag. that is giving problems & disassemble it. Clean it & check to see that the spring was installed properly in the first place. I have received used military mags. that had the spring in backwards (front to back) and the spring bound up on the front of the mag. body inside. Also check to see if the sides of the mag. body are bowwed inward and not allowing the follower to move freely. If they are bowwed in a little you can probably push them back out again. If it is still malfunctioning swap springs with the good mag. If it works now get a replacement spring. Also check feed lips for dents, etc. and see if bad mag. locks into the rifle as high as the good mag.