April 01, 2002, 16:08
i've assembled an Imbel kit with an Entreprise type 3 receiver. All went well until attempting to chamber a round. The bolt carrier gets hung up approx. 1/2" from closing. It will close with moderate finger presure. I oiled all surfaces well, no change. The extractor does have clearance with the receiver. I tried a bolt from an FN built G-1, it was better but not perfect. That carrier hung up 50% of the time. Any solutions?

April 01, 2002, 17:03
Did you try for function BEFORE trying to chamber? Did it all work fine when you headspaced? You may need to lap the surfaces with valve grinding paste until things work smoother. Also, are you trying to chamber an empty case? It will hang up if coming out of a magazine. Hope this helps...... TJ

Blood of Tyrants
April 01, 2002, 17:12
I'll bet that the recoil spring in the buttstock is weak. Swap out the lower from the G1 and try it.

If that doesn't fix it (but I bet it does) check the chamber for smoothness and polish with Scotchbrite on the end of a .22 cal borebrush chucked down in a drill if necessary.

P.S. You DID let the bolt fly and didn't try to ease the bullet in, didn't you?

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April 01, 2002, 17:29
I did two Entreprise type 3 receivers on two Imbel kits. On both of them the lower "ear" of the extractor hung up in the extractor cut in the receivers. If you look in the receiver cut you will see that there is a lot of clearance up high but very little down low for when the extractor has to cam over the shell. I was going to take the barrel off and modify the receiver, but then Mr. Dremel talked to the lower ear of the extractor and now everyone gets along fine.