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April 01, 2002, 15:03
OK guys want to get your take on this. I know to make a postban pistol with detachable mag, it must weigh under 50 oz and have no handguards and all that lovely crap. However what are the receiver requirements? I always thought you would order a virgin receiver(not previously built as a pistol or rifle) from your FFL and have him do the paper work as if it was a pistol. Just looking for your info.

April 01, 2002, 15:05
A virgin receiver is fine - it does not necessarily have to have been transferred as a 'pistol receiver'. Ordering a new stripped receiver direct from the manufacturer to your FFL would do, and have him log it into his book as "receiver only".

April 01, 2002, 15:53
On AK pistols Hesse uses a fixed chinese drum that loads from the back (detachable mag out side the pistol grip eliminated instead of wieght limit), you can't get them under weight. I think AR pistols go for under the weight limit, but for an FAL, maybe you could go fixed mag and stripper clip top cover?
I don't know about the reciever clasification, but the gun plant I used to work for told me they had to classify an AKM reciever I ordered through their FFL as Rifle, because they had to make major differences in their proprietary bolt rec. to sell them as bolt action pistols, a pistol reciever had to be clasified as pistol when manufactured.
They also told me I wasn't allowed to shorten an SKS barrel (for 16" w/ fixed brake)if it would remove the importers marks (identifying markings)(CAI stamped theirs on the barrel) which a lot of other people said wasn't a concern for individuals, just that the importer had to put them there.
I guess the best way to feel safe would be to write the ATF Tech branch to get something in writing, but I havent gotten around to it yet.

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