View Full Version : short stroking?

April 01, 2002, 14:48
I had my R1A1 reparked a little while back, now the damn thing is short stroking. It will not extract the spent cartridge! Could this be a problem from the repark? I have the gasport closed all the way, so there is no bleed-off and it still won't cycle! HELP! :confused:

April 01, 2002, 19:40
does you gas piston move freely through the tube? Check and see if the port through the gas block/barrel is obstructed.

April 01, 2002, 21:55
FTF/FTX/FTE checklist (http://www.falfiles.com/cgi-bin/forums/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=3&t=002574)

Do you know the size of your gas port?

April 01, 2002, 23:22
I'm sure its on Jeter's list, but check that the gas tube retaining pin is there. You wouldn't think so, but that thing makes a world of difference.

April 02, 2002, 10:38
Thanks all! I will check to make sure that I have that pin. Hopefuly I can figure out where the gas is leaking from. :confused:

April 02, 2002, 12:18
I just recently had a new build parked and found that the gas hole was partially plugged with parking crud (technical term). A .096" drill bit cleared it out