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Dunk RD
April 04, 2006, 17:33
ED offered me some spare parts on the forums . I offered to make a trade of some kind but he said there was nothing he needed. Well today I recieved a BOX and it was almost full of FAL parts. They were all in excellent condition .and all parts I needed.
I don't know how to say thank you any better than right here. If you ever have a chance to do buisness with this Fellow, Do it with confidence. He is realy one great guy.
Dunk RD

April 04, 2006, 17:51
Hey Dunk:

Just "pass it on" :D
Next time someone's got a WTB/WTT/WTF on some gee-gaw ya got layin' around gathering dust; just send it out.
Actually, it's [somewhat] common here on the 'files. Been done for me and by me and others for a while.


April 06, 2006, 06:10
+1 on Ed

+1 on "pay it forward".:smile: