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March 31, 2002, 13:17
Yes, I have another bizzare idea I need help with. :rolleyes:

I saw in SAR a month or so ago that someone is making a copy of the DeLisle.

I want to build one (non-suppressed of course) instead of buying.

I know the actions are available (MkI no3 IIRC), but how or can the .303 bbl be rechambered for .45ACP

If it cant, where can I get a 16" .45ACP bbl?


March 31, 2002, 14:04
I haven't a clue what you're talking about,... never heard of that type of carbine,.. but Marlin used to make a carbine in 45 ACP,... called it a "camp carbine". I don't know if the barrel from one would be suitable for what you need, but you might check them out to see if they could be modified to work.

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March 31, 2002, 14:25
There are also .45ACP carbines made from Spanish Destroyer carbines if you want an alternative to the DeLisle carbine.
The Destroyer has a mag well that was dimensioned from a Colt 1911 38 Super mag and a .45ACP 1911 mag slips right in.
Any barrel manufacturer should be able to supply you with a 16" barrel or buy a shorter one and add a barrel extension.
I understand that people who have dealt with Valkerie (sp) Arms, the people making the DeLisle carbine replica, have had some problems. Don't know if it was problems with the rifle or the people, though.

Good luck!

PS I have a Destroyer carbine that I had planned on making into a .45ACP carbine, but haven't gotten around to it and now I have a sh*tload of 9mm Largo ammo for it. So, it's one project that might be a while before it gets done. I have even thought of suppressing it.

Temp, here's a pic of a DeLisle carbine.

March 31, 2002, 14:43
Does any body know how to make the .45 mag well? I want to use the enfield action. If you get a .308 action the bolt is allready right for a .45. I've been contemplating doing the paperwork and making one myself for quite some time now. I wonder if you could canibalize a Destroyer action for the mag well? You know find a junk one.

the gman
March 31, 2002, 15:05
the mag is welded inside the .303 mag and the ejector(on the real DeLisle) is arranged to toss the empty's into the space behind where the .45 mag is welded into place.
A friend of mine over here has a DeLisle and it's a sweetie, the orignals had a 7" barrel and were very quiet. In fact, DeLisle is supposed to have tested the effectiveness of the suppressor by shooting a pigeon fron his office window in London and no-one noticed! I believe the barrels came from Thompsons but don't quote me. As idsubgun says you could get a barrel from most any decent barrel maker. BTW if you need the specs for the threads on the reciever(you can use either the SMLE or No4 action) email me, HTH :D . Shame you can't have one that looks like the pictures :(

March 31, 2002, 15:12
Try these guys,http://www.303british.com/ .
I saw an article a couple of months ago about an English company getting ready to sell kits to build the .45acp carbine, I have since lost their e-mail add. but they did contact me and gave me the low-down on the project.Try 'em ,somebody should know where they are.

March 31, 2002, 15:26
Gun Parts Corp has .45acp barrel blanks that are about 16 to 18 inches. Im not sure what kind of steel they are made of, but they are 6 groove, and have shallow rifling, and are not chambered. They are about 1 inch diameter.You can find them under the gunsmithing link on the catalog page. They cost about $50. They have other variations also that you might could use.

March 31, 2002, 16:05
SMLE's have a 1" 14 tpi threaded barrel shank.

March 31, 2002, 20:28
How about a threaded sleeve for the action to take a slip fit barrel & barrel nut sort of Uzi like ? A blank barrel sleeve/cover that is threaded for the insert could also be used instead of a barrel nut to achieve the suppressor look.
Seems like modifying an inexpensive SMLE magazine by cutting away most of the bottom and welding in a mag well for .45 mags would be better than altering a receiver.
I've only seen pictures of Delisles but always thought I would like to have one. I'm sure some of us would be interested in a workable conversion.

March 31, 2002, 20:39
Originally posted by bykerhd:
<STRONG>Seems like modifying an inexpensive SMLE magazine by cutting away most of the bottom and welding in a mag well for .45 mags would be better than altering a receiver.</STRONG>
That's my plan. Seems there is a "sleeve" that the .45 mag slips into instead of just a hole cut into the bottom of the SMLE mag. That way you can change mags instead of having to "top load" the .45 mag.

I see no reason why I can't simply fabricate a cylinder that resembles the original can and mount it around the barrel. Kinda like a free float setup.

March 31, 2002, 20:47
Neat project.
I wonder if you could make a barrel sleeve to accept a slip fit .45 barrel by simply cutting off a worn out .303 barrel to length, boring it out and then threading it for a barrel nut or cover. Cheap solution if the .303 barrel dimensions are close enough.