View Full Version : Scope mount Idea

March 31, 2002, 00:01
OK I am no gunsmith, and I dont even play one on TV. So...can someone tell me why this would not work for a top cover scope mount.
Have a machined scope mount base like TAPCO sells but instead of having set screws on the sides that attach to the edge of the receiver...make a small latch system that replaces the carry handle and secures the top mount from the front to the notch already there for a carry handle. Once tightened and locked down the top cover would not slide back or forth. Also if it was mfg to tight tolerances you would not have any side to side play. Might not be the best but it could be alot lighter/thinner than current models. Alos I would think that it would be a stonger set up than the mil-spec L1A1/C1 SUIT set ups.
Finally with a scope on your FAL you cant use the damn carry handle anyway. So why not use that cut for good?

mountain man
April 01, 2002, 16:55
That sounds like an idea worth lokking into...