View Full Version : WECSOG'n a Canadian Buttplate Screw!

March 30, 2002, 14:43
I have two Canadian FALs going together. They both have new XL butt stocks from Gun Things.

Being Canadian they have one screw holding on the buttplate. A 28-1/4 x 2 3/4 slotted screw. Impossible to find. I had one.

I made the other by taking a 28-1/4 x 3 hex head bolt and turning the underside down with the Dremel till it was chamfered and rounded. Then taking the cutoff tool I cut a slot in the head of appropriate depth. I cut the bolt to the correct length and put it on.

Perfect fit, looks right and holds it tight.

The poor man's lathe! :D

March 30, 2002, 15:02
Good idea, Bill,... I'll also add that by being attentive to detail and taking your time, a person can do some pretty fancy metal turning by clamping a carbide tool bit in a vise,.. clamping the vise to the table of a drill press, and fixing the workpiece in the drill chuck.

Position the tool bit so that the cutting tip will contact the surface of the workpiece,.. turn on the drill,... then slowly lower the piece into the bit by pulling the press handle down.

Take small amounts,.. after each pass, loosen the vise and tap it into position so that it wall shave about .010" off of the workpiece. It takes a bit of finesse',.. but if you go slow and are careful, you can do some surpisingly good work this way.

A true "poor mans" lathe.

March 30, 2002, 15:57
Too complex for me.

I used a small bottle to lean the screw on about 1/4 inch from the top of the thread. Then I used the Dremel at what appeared to be a good angle. After a bit I used my fingers to turn the screw while guaging the the feel of the cuts with the other hand. When they were about right I quit.

It looks fine from the outside but who sees it on the inside anyway?

Hebrew Battle Rifle
March 31, 2002, 19:00
Too Complex? for Bill? with the superior education and intellect? say it ani't so :rolleyes:

April 01, 2002, 22:34
Great job. I tried something similar, but chucked the bolt in the a 1/2" hand drill and clamped that to the bench.

Then dressed the bolt w/ a file. Took too long -- next time I'd buy the correct screw.

Always a tough conflict -- being cheap & and having no time -- which wins?