View Full Version : DSA and Dan's FAL kits received!!!

Don D.
March 28, 2002, 20:33
Recently received my DSA refinished G-1 kit and Dan's grade 3 kit and am already gathering up the US parts to make them legal. Will probably use Imbel ( with the gear logo) or FAC (Dan Coonon ?)receivers.
Also just got the case of 308 Nato from Aim Surplus, $139.00 delivered to me here in Colorado.

Anyway, the refinished kit I got from DSA is in great shape with a nice bright bore. I suspect that it was in worse condition than Dan's grade 3 kit before it was refinished judging from the small bumps and bruises that the refinish process covered pretty well. The refinished buttplate that was on the wood stock that came in the package was dented pretty good and was worn through on one side. Don't know why DSA would refinish a worn out part. The receiver cover still has some small dings in it, so I may replace it. The pistol grip was new as were handguards and the bipod is perfect. The plastic buttstock that was on the lower will need some work to make it look as good as the rest of the rifle. The magazine that came with the kit was either refinished or was nearly new. The wood buttstock that was in the package I don't think can be salvaged, was in pretty sad shape as were the orginal handguards but it really does not matter as I did'nt plan on using them anyway. All in all, I am a pretty happy camper with both kits. The Imbel kit from Dan has much worn finish and the plastic furniture that came with it should refinish just fine. At this point I only plan to do a minimal work on the Imbel and may just leave it in the orginal worn condition with just a clean up and replacement of the needed US parts.
PS: I thought the G-1 would have a threaded barrel but it has no threads. Is this the way they were made? :cool:

March 28, 2002, 20:45
The G1s have a lug for attaching the FH as opposed to threads.