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March 28, 2006, 09:56
My wife has booked us a vacation week at Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina (just north of Myrtle Beach) from April 14th thru the 19th. It looks nice, but I can only take so much sand and sea.

Please tell me where the nearest gun shops are in this area, and if there are any gun shows or “events” taking place during that period. Thanks for your help!


March 28, 2006, 12:54
Been a while since I cruised around the coast but I would say hit as many pawn shops as you can in Myrtle Beach. Some have quite a selection. Wilmington, NC is slim pickens in my book.
Not sure of any shows in the area at that time but I never enjoyed them much when I lived in Wilmington.

April 05, 2006, 08:49

I live in Myrtle. I hope you enjoy your trip to Ocean Isle. Not too familiar with the Gun Shops up in that area, but down here in Myrtle it's pretty slim ...... There are three gun stores and about 10 Pawn Shops. The only gun store I could really pull for would be the 707 Gun Shop. The other two are really over priced. Of the Pawn Shops, Dicks at the end of 501 S is probably the best, but once again, they want WAY to much for their pieces. No Gun shows at that time and the last one they had sucked eggs. The show up in Fayetville (sp?) is the best. If you get tired of the salt, sea and sand, I'd suggest golf or bars .........