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Buck Shott
March 27, 2002, 11:50
Dear list i am new to the FAL list. I was going to purchase an fal built on a Imbel receiver but someone else bought it. So now i am thinking about building one. However im not sure if i should build something thats metric or inch? anyone got any sugestions...I really like the canadian L1a1 and the Brit L1a1. In anycase i need all the help i can get. Another question..Anyone know about the brit FALs having a hold open device?
thanks everyone.

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March 27, 2002, 12:59
I'm new too. My thoughts are if you like the inch pattern, build it. There are parts galore of both inch and metric.
First suggestion is to get the workbook and video by gunplumber first before you start. It has tons of info that will help.

Mike D.
March 27, 2002, 15:58
British FALs (L1A1) have a manual hold open. The Brits decided that it was more important to keep dirt and sand out of the action than to have the action hold open after the last shot automatically. Early hold opens had the hold open pin shortened or removed. The later ones have no hole for the pin. You may still actuate the hold open manually by pulling the bolt to the rear and pushing up on the BHO.
The new Century L1A1 receiver is not bad and one of their complete new version rifles is a pretty good deal for the money. They are inch pattern from Aussie kits. The furniture that they provide on the new guns is sorry but it is replaceable and it's still cheaper than building a kit.

Mike D.

March 27, 2002, 16:19
If you get an Inch pattern with the pin missing or ground down on the BHO all it takes is a few minutes and less then $0.50 to fix it!
I have a Century on their new model reviever. I have fed it 300rnds. I had feeding problems during cold weather on the first 2-3 mags then it ran fine. I think it was to cold for the Rem-oil I was using. It has worked good otherwise. I can have shot 3 shot groups of less than 1.25" at 100 yrds with my handloads and iron sights. It seems like a good starter for the money, but some have had bad luck with Century.