View Full Version : Oh great Dean of WECSOG..

March 28, 2002, 00:49
What is the solution to my Izzy Problem? Just find a standard extractor bolt that headspaces to the rifle or start messing with that one piece Izzy extractor to attempt to fix the problem?

March 28, 2002, 23:18
Hi Jen!

From what I was seeing at Gibson's, the front radius of your Izzy extractor was able to travel too far forward, thus contacting the forward edge of the extractor groove on the case. This contact caused the extractor to cam outward so as to allow only minimal purchase of the claw on the shell rim. I think this is why your extractor is ripping rims.

If you want to use that bolt/carrier assembly, I see no harm in dremeling-back the forward radius of the Izzy extractor so as to eliminate the unwanted contact between the forward radius and the shell casing. Worst thing that could happen is the extractor is ruined, and/or the problem is not solved. Izzy extractors aren't that rare/expensive are they?

As much as I like to dremel, I think I probably would just use a known-good bolt from another source for range-trips, rather than mess with the existing extractor. That way your original extractor remains unaltered for collector purposes. Be sure to check headspace on your substitute bolt.