View Full Version : Failure to Cock and "Doubling"

March 26, 2002, 14:45
My first build is a G1 on an Imbel. I have the FSE H/S/T installed. The rifle has 150 rounds through it. I've had a couple of issues:

1. There have been two or three instances of the rifle "doubling", which is always a surprise!

2. Today, I had a couple of instances where the hammer did not cock, even though extraction/ejection occurred and a new round was subsequently fed into the chamber.

Any advice on possible causes will be appreciated!


March 26, 2002, 16:26
1. I posted about a similar situation awhile back. I just replaced the sear spring and found the old spring was one full coil shorter than the new one. It looked like it had been clipped off as one end was properly flattened and the other end wasn't. Haven't tested it yet. Your post reminded me to fix that rifle.

2. Is the safety all the way around in the Auto position. This will cause the hammer to follow the bolt. If the sear spring is wrong, the hammer won't reset (back to 1.)

Hope this helps.

March 26, 2002, 16:45
Your hammer is slipping free of the sear. Verify that your sear isn't hanging up in the trigger. Check/replace your sear spring. Verify with Harold Shinn of FSE that you have the latest rev of fire control parts. Harold can tell by the markings whether you have an old set (a few sets had shallow sear notches on the hammer, IIRC).


March 26, 2002, 20:24
Thanks for the input. The FSE hammer is the new one, I believe (marked with a #2). I'll go ahead and replace the sear spring and check sear and hammer movement.