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March 21, 2006, 11:38
I need something that will help me track finances for both myself and my small business. I have software that I can use to create invoices, work orders, track inventory, services, ect. already, but I need something to help me follow the numbers better. I've been told that Quickbooks is a decent piece of software, but I want to ask around a bit before I spend good money on something. What do you use? How's it work? Thanks for the tips.


March 21, 2006, 19:06
Used Quickbooks Pro for several years with my business. Off hand it's ok to use, however any of the "professional" financial software packages have a pretty steep learning curve.

That & when they bring in updates, your looking at around $300-500 upgrade every year or two. After about 3 years, Quickbooks will quit supporting the older versions.

Quickbooks does have the online version. Pretty handy at printing invoices when I was 1000 miles away in D.C. Just had to have the timeslips faxed to me, input the info onto the online version, then emailed the invoice. Worked pretty good for what I was doing. But that was after 5 years of playing with it.

Best thing to do is use what your accountant recommends. If they have experience with it, they can set it up for you to track expenses so it prints easily for them to do your tax returns at the end of the year.

Lastly, you have to stay on top of it, if your going to use a computer to track these expenses. No letting them lie for 30-60 days before you input them. You will have to put the info in on at least a weekly basis, otherwise you will forget what you bought at "the local pharmacy, that sells milk, bread & videos".

If you have more specific questions, I'd be happy to answer. PM me your email address & I'll get back to you right away.

March 22, 2006, 00:11
+1 on Quickbooks pro!

It does all the work for you, well.......almost all.

Sayeret Tzanhanim
March 22, 2006, 09:05
QuickBooks Pro

March 23, 2006, 00:47
Let's not forget Peachtree accounting software (used by a lot of accountants).

March 23, 2006, 09:10
Peachtree is a good program, along with Quicken, MS Money & several others.

If your good with MS Excel, you can create a "database" that a person could use to track inventory, time, sales, etc.... There are also "templates" available to buy that uses existing software like Excel, Access & others as well.

Any program you use will have a steep learning curve. Just decide where you need to be (accounting wise) in 5 years, purchase & learn accordingly.

March 24, 2006, 10:07
I use Quicken for my home finances and QuickBooks for my business; Quickbooks is not as easy to use as Quicken, but has features you need for business, plus it will make it easier to communicate with your CPA. Quicken is too elementary to use for a business IMO, even though the deluxe version has some business stuff built in.