View Full Version : "New" DSA SA-58

March 14, 2006, 10:31
A couple of months ago I purchased a never-been-fired DSA SA-58 FAL at a gunshow. The rifle is about 3 years old, and the owner promised that he had never fired it, and from the looks of the gun I believe it.

This weekend I finally had the weather to put some rounds through it.

My rifle is the medium contour barrel with the machined-in muzzle brake built into the barrel. I'd rather have a threaded barrel, but this is fine and looks pretty cool. It also has a two-tone receiver - OD green upper and black lower that looks awesome. It's equipped with a VersaPod, cheek rest, extreme duty scope mount, and an Aimpoint Comp ML3 2MOA on an ARMS mount. I also ditched the stock pistol grip for a Tapco SAW grip which for me has a better grip angle.

My first impression of the rifle is that the fit and finish is absolutely TOP NOTCH - as good as any othe rifle or handgun I have owned. Operation is still a little tight, but it's smooth and well put together.

I only did shorter range shooting this weekend - and sighted the Aimpoint in at 25 yards for a 200 yard zero. It only took a few shots to do so. I was shooting SA surplus, so although my overall accuracy was excellent it certainly was not competition quality ammo.

I adjusted the gas system down to "4" for reliable operation.

With a couple of mags, I had some FTF's. Other mags were 100% reliable. On advice from folks on this forum, I lightly sanded the edges of the feed rails and the magazine lips to polish them slightly. I am confident that this will help, as there was a rough spot on the left feed rail.

On the linking range I was destroying clay pigeons on the berm quickly and easily. One shot, one kill ... :) Again, no long range stuff - just familiarizing myself with the rifle and breaking it in.

Overall I am very impressed with my DSA FAL and I would not hesitate to get another one.