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March 13, 2006, 18:10
I called Dan a couple of days ago looking for some spare Tantal parts. Since Dan sold quite a few of these kits, I figured that maybe it was possible.

I was looking for a gas tube, some hand guards, and a bi-pod if he had any left over parts from his recent sales of the "Dark Side" rifle kits.

Dan told me he might just have what I was looking for, could I call him back the following day after he searched the warehouse.

Well, I called Dan the following day, and great news; he had one last Tantal kit that was missing a few pins, but that he would give me a good deal if I wanted it.

Dan stretched the truth a little. It was not a good deal; it was a "Smoking Deal".

Dan Toobin is a first class man to deal with and I wish that all vendors would conduct their business in the same fashion as Dan does.

Thanks again Dan!!