View Full Version : DONV is a true Gentleman

March 11, 2006, 20:19
Although a bit tardy, I would like to take a moment to personally thank FAL files Member DONV..
After contacting him a few weeks ago regarding a LONGBRANCH Enfield he had for sale on the marketplce we struck a deal.
The Man was a pleasure to do BIZ with from the very first contact. Contact that included several E-mails and fantastic comm throughout the transaction.
Here is a LINK to some pretty good PICS I just posted up in the C&R forum:

The description of the rifle by DONV was true in every way, and honestly I could not be happier with the rifle. It is just as close to being perfect as I have seen.
All stamps, & marks are correct and all parts appear to be as well. Also worth noting is the condition of the BARREL. It looks pristine in every way.

THANK YOU sir for allowing me the pleasure of owning such a fine piece of History. :whiskey:

March 12, 2006, 13:46
As Mike knows, I had a similar excellent experience with DONV a year ago.

Here's a coupla pics of the 1944 Lonbranch No4MK1* I bought from DONV. Note the Maple stock set.



March 12, 2006, 14:00
That there is one PURTY Rifle!! DAMN nice PICS..
I have a new regard for these Enfield Rifles. Only regret is that I waited sooo long to get them.:wink: