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March 09, 2006, 18:53
I lost track of an old friend a while back when my kid was in treatment. All the damn sites I have been to are all scams, $40.00 for a damn phone number. Trouble is, he moved and I have no idea where, and I moved and havent talked to him since. Anyone have any suggestions, besides 1411 information and peoplesearch on the net? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

March 09, 2006, 19:28
PM me with his name, last known address (or as much info on that you can), occupation, and anything else you think would be key to him (hobby, disability, age, his family roots local. etc.). Some of his family members names would be helpful too. :shades:

Right Side Up @ 1000 MPH
March 09, 2006, 20:57
Hey Faltitude, I'm trying to get Jessica Simpsons cell phone number.

Can you help me with that? :D

March 09, 2006, 20:58
Hmm...was he an Avid web fella?

If so, google his name Last, First and go through the listings, see if anyone matches the description. I was able to find a good pal thata way.

March 09, 2006, 21:28
Kick ass fellas!!! thanks Faltitude!

March 09, 2006, 23:19
Give this a whirl..