View Full Version : Bushnell customer support. Thumbs Up.

February 24, 2006, 18:32
I had an old Bushnell Sentry spotting scope that I bought used at a gun show several years ago. It worked fine for all the time I had it, until recently.
I noticed as I went to the higher magnifications the image softened to the point that I could not see individual 30 Cal. holes at 200 yds.
Being in the optics field I examined the scope & discovered that the cement used to hold the prizms together was deteriorating & destroying the image quality.
I went to the Bushnell website, got directions & shipped the unit back, with an explaination of the problem, & the $15.00 s/h fee required.
10 days later I recieved a BRAND SPANKIN' new scope!
It even came with the nice hard case (which I never did have)!
It's the newer model, as that is what is in stock, but this is really good service!
Just ignore the blurb on the website that states a 3 year warranty on this model of scope. It came back as repaired under the full lifetime warranty.
I know that Bushnell is not a Zeiss, but it does everything I need & I cant fault service like that, either for quality, or speed.
Hats off to Bushnell!:bow: :bow: :beer: :beer: