View Full Version : WTK: Loose Pistol Grip Support Rod???

Bob Bishop
October 02, 2001, 17:10
The pistol grip support rod on my Austrian StG58 lower receiver is a bit loose. You can easily wiggle it about .01-.02" back and forth.

I know from test fitting the plastic pistol grip that once the grip screw is tightened down the rod gets tight again, but...

Is there any reasonable way I can peen down the mounting flange to tighten up the rod or should I just live with it? It do not see how it would screw off or be otherwise repaired...it appears the Austrians simply installed the rod and then peened over the flange to make it a permanent part of the lower receiver.



October 02, 2001, 19:48
It aint broke, so...

You could hit it with a bit of weld. But, I wouldn't.

If it REALLY concerns you, TAPCO is selling some really swell brand new lower receivers, complete with Bulletproof finish, for pretty cheap.

Derby FALs
October 02, 2001, 21:00
He will want a new buttstock with those. The STG won't fit right.

Bob Bishop
October 03, 2001, 08:35
Thanks guys!

I will live with it as it is an otherwise perfect Austrian lower with everything else totally straight.

Since I have already acquired a complete Izzy LB buttstock assembly, and slightly relieved the wood around the tang area for that stock to fit perfectly, there is no need to get another lower.

As always, good advice from the FAL crew!


October 03, 2001, 14:03
Weeeeelll... how "loose" is "loose"?? I might have one or two lower studs that display a little play, but when you snug up a pistol grip, the nut pushes against the grip and TMH to pull the stud down, and the mechanical forces lock everything up. "It ain't broke, so..."