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October 02, 2001, 14:09
I have a - like new - FAL G1. It suffers of vertical stringing. It's a great disappointment and I must realize it isn't a true sniper rifle. I have changed the scope from Zeiss to Elcan to Hensoldt which I use today.
I have heard many rumours of the causes to the problem so I decided to make my own tests.
General: headspace checked, allowed to cool down, 8 shots each time, distance 100 meters + Hensoldt scope.
1) No handguard. manually loaded. gas plug: Gr. no mag on. resting in front of the mag well: Standard dispersion: 2.10"
2) as 1) but 7 rounds in the mag. Same result.
3) As 2) but gas plug: Aut. Same result.
4) As 3) but handguard + bipods on (bipods not used). Same result.
5) As 4) but now resting on the bipods. Shoots perhaps a little higher. Greater dispersion up-down.
6) As 5) but now hot. Vertical dispersion: 12 - 13 "
General for 1) - 5) Sometimes it hits 5" too high or too low.
I have built my own FAL clone with a new Argentinian barrel and a Canadian flashhider: Standard dispersion: 1.85" with iron sights - better than a factory assembled G1 with a scope.
Conclusion: Use of bipods gives a greater vertical stringing. More vertical stringing when hot. No accuracy rifle.
The reason: A too thin barrel (I think). A thicker barrel or a B.O.S.S. might help.
Claus :(

October 02, 2001, 14:23
I've always thought the G1 barrel was kinda on the thin side, but are you shooting with the flashider on or off? Mine shoots ok, but put that flashider on it and it goes wild, sometimes doubling the size of the groups.

October 02, 2001, 15:38
I am not surprised that using the bipod resulted in vertical stringing.

A free float tube would fix this, but you would have to attach the bipod to that.

Mosin Guy
October 02, 2001, 19:29
I have a Entreprise receivered FAL with a Argentine chrome lined barrel and a brand new G1 lower and I'am useing a Harris bipod with a #5 Harris bipod adapter screwed into the bottom cooling hole on my DSA handguards and I'am not having any problems with the bipod causing vertical stringing at all.At first I was concerned that the Harris bipod would be putting unwanted pressure on the barrel through the DSA handguards,but that is not the case at all and it seems to work very well.HTH

October 02, 2001, 19:42
FAL's are not tackdrivers even on a good day.

Bipods usually cause accuracy to go to hell.

To get the best accuracy from a FAL, you need to figure out how to get all pressure off the barrel, or at least make the pressure consistent. That will never happen with some big 'ol floppity bipod slapped up there.

If you want a <u>really accurate</u> rifle, you don't want a FAL.

If you want a robust, low-maintenance, combat rifle in a hard-hitting caliber, with internationally available ammo, its hard to go wrong with a FAL. And, if I had just finished sprinting uphill for 300 yards with a full pack, that bipod might be my only hope of holding the rifle in the same zip code as the enemy.

October 02, 2001, 19:53
I had an R1 stringing like this. I ended up
cutting the barrel to 16" and it was cured.
I also have an STG-58 that shoots quite well
on a bipod. Have you checked for play
between upper and lower receivers? My G1
isn't fitting well to the lower. There is a lot of vertical slop and I'm getting vertical stringing with it. It appears to be getting worse.

October 02, 2001, 20:03
...Of course, bipod TECHNIQUE ,akes a huge difference in how the rifle groups off of said bi-pod.
It is easy to put down-pressure on the bipod with the pistol grip (very inconsistent), and I have always had to be conscious of pulling straight back.
On mine, I always get a significant POI shift, typically high 3-6"(sometimes left), but that's life.

October 03, 2001, 01:55
To Woody: Yes I use the G1 flashhider. I must try without. But I think a "bad" flashhider would have the same effect horizontal as vertical. My G1 has only problems up-down.
To msnyder: I don't think there is a play between upper and lower receiver.
Claus :p