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October 02, 2001, 13:43
Just got a STG58 and love to shoot it (only 60 rounds so far), however the thing seems to be a little barrel heavy and I was wondering how to remove that faux flashhider for a real muzzle break. It looks like they sweated something into the threads, is it possible for me to sweat it out so I can put on a muzzle break myself? I guess I could take it into a smith but I would like to work on things my self.(So I can save money for ammo :D ) Oh yeah I do have access to a torch.

Thanks, Worldskipper

October 02, 2001, 13:51
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October 02, 2001, 13:59
Yeah, I know putting a flashhider is illegal on postbans but I know some company's make MB (muzzle brake) that have been approved by BATF and I want to put one of them on.

October 02, 2001, 14:04
Originally posted by idsubgun:
<STRONG>Putting a muzzlebrake on a post-ban weapon is strictly against the law. Do some searching on this subject and read all the info on this. This subject has been talked about several times on this board.</STRONG>

Putting a MB on a post-ban is NOT illegal.

Putting a FH on a post-ban IS illegal.

The MB is not a FH, and therefor OK.

BTW, it's


October 02, 2001, 14:15
Oops, sorry, not thinking.

Your rifle probably has the fake flashhider silver soldered on. This can be removed with heat, but I've found that the easiest way is to machine it off.
It all depends on the silver content of the silver solder. If it's a high silver content, then you have to heat the bejesus out of it to remove it.
I would try heat first, go slowly and don't over heat it. It will take considerable heat before it is damaged, so don't be afraid to hold it there for a while.
If this doesn't work, any 'smith or machine shop, can turn it off on a lathe, but it will be destroyed.
Sorry 'bout the first post, I only got about two hours sleep last night, new puppy. Actually she slept like a log, I was the one waking up all night, worrying about her.

October 02, 2001, 15:18
Whoa nelly, I almost opened my pro-constitutional mouth again.

Better watch that.

Master Blaster
October 02, 2001, 16:05
Not trying to be a smart ass here but, Another option would be what we use to affectionately call rifle PT. Build up them there sticks and get used to the weight. A muzzle device might eliminate a couple of ounces at best. :D

Tango 1Zero
October 02, 2001, 23:03
I had a hell of a time getting mine off of my DSA barrel.
I heated it and turned it about a quarter turn and the solder would seize up again.
I got pissed and wecsog'd it off with a dremel.