View Full Version : Locking shoulder question?

October 02, 2001, 12:39
I was looking at my rifles last night and noticed that the locking shoulders were in different depths. Century L1A1 was flush with the reciever; DSA DS58 is out a little bit; and the DSA kit gun is out about 1/2 to 3/4 the thickness of a dime. They all shot, but made wonder if they are ok?

Is this normal to have variations of how much the locking shoulder sticks out? Just to think, this is the first time I had all three there to campare and am confused (perpetual state for me according to the wife!}

Any insihgt is greatly appreciated.

October 02, 2001, 13:01
I've noticed varying heights on mine also. I don't think this is a problem. At least I've haven't ran into any. As long as it isn't backing out during firing, you are okay.

October 02, 2001, 18:36
I have not read anything about his, but then again just started. I have not had any problems, it was just one of those things that I never noticed before. Kinda like a painter doesn't notice the imperfections in his house until one night laying on the couch and looking at the wall. (Ask me how I know).

October 03, 2001, 17:31
look at the other side (left)of your rifle,directly across from the tab on the Locking shoulder.
as long as you can see the beveled edge of the Locking shoulder protruding from the hole, I'd say it was fully seated and the thickness of the locking shoulder tab was thicker or thinner than usual


October 03, 2001, 19:44
recess for dogleg on DSA receiver not as deep as imbel. Does not appear to be a problem. Normal for a DSA receiver.

October 03, 2001, 21:59
Thanks guys.