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October 01, 2001, 20:44
Checked headspace useing standard procedure, removed exractor from bolt,used go gauge, casey elliot sizeing rods. bolt&carrier closed nicely on .260, installed .259 locking shoulder, bolt without carrier sets right in ,bolt in carrier won't close. removed fireing pin & cycled hirt ammo, cycles fine, bolt&carrier close all the way. what do y'all think? help, Rick G.

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Double G Gunsmithing
October 01, 2001, 21:28
Dear Rick,

Call me @ 541-549-7085,

We'll talk :-)

Thanks, George @ Dbl G
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October 02, 2001, 08:30
Doesn't that sound like a Hesse receiver?


October 02, 2001, 18:32
It's a new improved Williams, went together as easy & trouble free as an Imbel till now. Regards, Rick G.

redneck whitesox PBR
October 02, 2001, 18:51
Keep us posted RickG... I plan on ordering my Williams next week and am hopeing they got all the bugs out ! :confused:

October 02, 2001, 18:59
Williams receiver looks great, barrel timed just right, everything works smooth, think problem might be bolt or carrier. don't think it's the receiver. Regards, Rick G. New development I think L.S. milled out of spec. ,will post when I'm sure. Regards Rick G. Out of spec. L.S. pulled a.259 out of another of my fals, put it in my G1 & everything clicked. Thanks for the responses. Regards, Rick G.

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October 04, 2001, 22:05
You know I don't feel hugely confident about all this, but with the boards help, some patience and a friend of mine about 20 miles from here, I'm sure i'll get through it.