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October 01, 2001, 14:31

I was wondering what company sells a user friendly parkerizing kit (dark Grey) that I can use to refinish my 2 G1 kits I got recently...something simple and that does a nice job. I can't see spending $150-$200 to refinish 1 kit (when I only spent $130 per kit), besides I would like to completely build (and refinish) these kits myself, there is no fun in having someone else do that for you. :D


October 01, 2001, 16:08
That depends on what you've got -

If you've got an old campstove you now have a "heating element."

A meat thermometer makes a good enough "technical" thermometer - or just keep the solution right on the edge of boiling.

Any stainless steel pot or mudpan big enough for your parts work fine (just make sure it holds water ;) ask me how I know)

Brake cleaner makes a good degreaser.

WD-40 works to displace the water right out of solution, but you'll want a better oil to put on right after that - gun oil is good, I've heard of people using non-detergent 20W.

Park solution isn't bad - $28 with shipping bought me a quart of manganese phosphate, which is enough (if my pan didn't leak :mad: ) to do a few guns, and it was so dark it's almost black.

What really gets expensive (unless you've got a friend who works in a machine shop) is the prep - it needs to be completely blasted to bare metal with fine grade sand or aluminum oxide before you can park it.

Hope this helps,

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