View Full Version : Casey Elliot's FAL Wrench is Great!

Bob Bishop
October 01, 2001, 09:08
I used one of Casey's FAL receiver wrenches this weekend to barrel my first FAL project. In short, it turned out totally 100% GREAT!

The fit of the wrench to my DSA Type I receiver was first class and it left absolutely no marks/mars anywhere on the receiver. Although I lined the wrench with thin lead for extra protection, I clearly did not need to do this.

With the the Imbel barrel hand tightened to about the 11 o'clock position, and with assembly lube on the threads to prevent galling, it took less than 15 seconds to install the barrel to about 125 ft. lbs of torque.

To spin the barrel on, I used a Sears Craftsman 27mm wrench which I carefully filed down to fit the barrel flats and then tapped on with a brass hammer. When all was said and done, the flats were absolutely not marred or disfigured.

I used the "parallel rods" method of checking for alignment and that, too, came out just fine.

All in all, for my first FAL barrel job, and with Casey's receiver wrench, I had no trouble in the slightest.

Time to start saving the bucks for my next FAL build....

Bob Bishop

PS: This is totally unsolicited from Casey - he simply makes a first class product which is a "must" if you barrel a FAL.

October 01, 2001, 12:36
I also have Casey's wrench and it is top shelf.

I have been using a smooth vice rather than an open end wrench to hold the barrel, and spin the receiver onto the barrel with the rec wrench. I have had too many of them slip too many times (with the slight variability of the size of the flats) on different barrels.

The parallel rod works well enough for me - just have to make sure you have straight rods. I use .190" blank drill rods. All have timed up well enough that I haven't needed to use the windage adjustment in the sights on two rifles, and minimal on the other four over the past month or so.

Glad your experience has gone well. You'll find you'll be wanting to start another one very shortly :)