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September 30, 2001, 17:35
I want to thank everybody for all the info that I found on this forum. I finished and tested my first build today. An old inter ordnance STG kit with an Enterprise rec. I had the kit and rec. before I found this site. I got so much info here, I did not order Gunplummers video. It went together great. Gunplummer's posts were right about the Enterprise rec. headspace. It headspaced at .273. The rec fit and funtioned fine otherwise. I ordered and used the Casey wrench and the msc pin gauges. No surprises. I could not get the silver solder to work right on the mb, so I welded it. The rifle shoots abot 1 1/2 inches to the left at 100 yds with the sight adjusted to the limit, but groups nicely. I will re time it to attempt to correct this. Thanks again.

September 30, 2001, 20:23
Hey fella,
Glad to hear that it went well for ya. My 3 Entreprise receivers all went together with .261-263 locking shoulders. The others I used required larger or smaller, but ALL of my Entreprise builds were in spec as well or better than IMBEL receivers (in my limited Experiences).
The info here and the folks here are great help. We do not always agree, but we have the same hobby. You will not just build one. The Gunplumber video is very informative, but as you proved, not a must. Still it is good to have for reference.