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January 27, 2006, 21:29
I am wanting to acquire a laser rangefinder. Can any of you offer advice as to brands, models, what to look for, and what to avoid.

I probably only need up to 400 yr capability, but if not too much more $, would prefer more, like 1,000 yd. My thinking there is better to have more than less. Would rather make one purchase, rather than to up grade later. Also, want one that is durable & reliable.

I look forward to your collective wisdom, and many thanks in advance.

Regards, Stoner

February 02, 2006, 19:43
If you are looking for a regular LRF, Try Opti-Logic or Leica. Leica is great quality, but expensive. I have an Opti-Logic 400 and it does fine in the distances you are looking for.

Check Ebay and other auction sites. Also, check out Optics Planet website.

I have tested some LRF Binoculars for my employer (Army), specifically the Bushnell, Newcon and Leupold. While decent (and it kills two birds with one stone), it is pricey and heavier than regular binos.


Michael N
February 02, 2006, 20:12
Leica is the best . Look for an older Leica 800 as you can generally pick one up for 225 or a little more if you look around a bit . I have the new Leica LRF 1200 scan model and it is very nice but I also needed something that would read to 1K and beyond . If you can live with 800 yards the LRF 800 is a great bargain .

High Tower
February 04, 2006, 10:39
I have to agree on the Leica. I have one in the 900 range and used it for the first time this past season for deer. Easy to use, small, and very durable. You would be set if you had this one.

February 04, 2006, 20:56
I've got a Newcon that's represented to range 1,500 yds. My friend has a Bushnell Yardage Pro that is suppose to range 800 yrds. Neither of them will range more than 450 yards on a clear day. If I had it to do over I'd get the smallest, lightest range finder I could that ranges 400 yards. You can't shoot more than that anyway.

Michael N
February 05, 2006, 00:40
I have to say that you are quite incorrect about not being able to shoot over 400 yards . Maybe not with a FAL but with my bolt guns in tactical applications 400 yards would be considered somewhat less than a medium range shot . Last year my dad and I were shooting a match in which the closest target was 450 yards and the furthest at 1200 .

February 05, 2006, 00:47
I've got a Bushnell Yardage Pro, and like said earlier, on a bright day 450-500 yds is about it.

One recommendation I'd make is to get a model you hold with both hands, like a set of binos. The compact models are hard to hold steady on the 'target' at long ranges.


GySgt D
February 08, 2006, 14:47
I have a Tasco 800yd model and a Leica 1200yd model. Both work, but the latter is much smaller and features a display that is visible in low light.

One thing to keep in mind: For all practical purposes, LRFs only work reliably at half of their stated max range. Past that, and you will only reliably get a range off of very reflective targets. Definately not off of grass, trees, or dirt.