View Full Version : What would you guys say about brazing or welding on a barrel?

September 29, 2001, 18:52
I've got a Century L1A1. Can't seem to keep my hands off it. I recently picked up a bipod and stuck on the barrel, just in front of the sling swivel.

While shooting, the bipod wants to creep up the barrel. I've had to temporarily change my grip on the handgaurd while shooting, so I can hold the bipod tight (so it won't creep.)

I'd like to attach a 3/32"-thick half-moon shaped piece of metal just in front of the bipod clamp as a stop.
In my shop, I have the capabilities to solder, braze, and weld. I'll admit that I don't use the brazing/cuttin torch much, so I'm still a little rough around the edges in my use of it.

I'd like to weld the stop, perhaps with a 3/32" rod at 40 amps. I am pretty accomplished as a precision welder (home-shop-wise, not proffesionally), and I know I can handle it. You think the barrel can handle it?
I think if I hold the rod just off the top of the stop, I can blow a tack onto the barrel without chewing it out.

Am I kiddin myself, or should I practice brazing? Or for that matter, should I not risk it at all?

September 29, 2001, 19:14
Use some 1100 degree silver solder. It will hold just fine, but would be removable if you ever wanted to.

September 29, 2001, 20:17
Silver solder is the best way to go, make sure the barrel is down to bare metal where you want the solder & metal strip to take. all the front sight ramps on older rifles were silver soldered on, it's becomeing a lost art. try it with some scrap to get the feel for it . Regards, Rick G.

September 29, 2001, 20:28
1100 degree solder means the barrel is red.
Not good,if you have a chrome bore even worse.Use a wire feed with just enough heat for penetration and do a little at a time to
keep the barrel cool.It works,my barrel looked fine afterward.If you decide you don't
like it grind it off.Either way you'll have to refinish.

September 29, 2001, 20:41
I was kinda thinking along the same lines as floatingFAL. I was wondering if red-hot, that near to the chamber (and my barrel is, indeed, chrome-lined), would be asking for trouble.

Part of me is glad to hear the word wire-fed mentioned. I don't have a mig, so it looks like I could pawn off my worries to our local machinist. ;)

I'll talk to him and see what he says.

September 29, 2001, 20:43
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