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September 29, 2001, 01:24
If I attempt to make my own part, such as a PG or maybe I get really ambitious and attempt a buttstock or HG or even a cocking handle(operating rod :rolleyes: ), does it count as a US part? Do I need to be a licensed manufacturer or some redtape-ish thing like that? Do I just carve/stamp/engrave USA in the part and call it good?

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September 29, 2001, 03:09
MBs are under increasing scrutiny, but other US parts do not needf 'qualification'.

Except, of course, receivers.

September 29, 2001, 03:55
I can usually puzzle out the acronyms around here, but you stumped me with this one.


September 29, 2001, 04:01
Originally posted by Wolfrick:
I can usually puzzle out the acronyms around here, but you stumped me with this one.


Muzzle Brake

Timber Wolf
September 29, 2001, 08:08
If you are in the US when you make it it is US made. No markings required. The problem comes in when the SHTF and your particular rifle is under scrutiny. How to prove the part in question is US made? Should not the burden of proof be on the guvment boys? Hope we never have to find out. I can see it now, "yes Judge, I am pure hell with a Dremel, I took a piece of 1963 Rambler leaf spring and ground out this here hammer for my L1A1". :D

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September 29, 2001, 10:09
I would only use parts from Mopars! :cool:
The leaf springs would have to come off of a '63 Valiant or possibly a '64 Dart. :D
If it was a critical part, it would need to come from a '69 Imperiel or, in the light of recent events,
a NEW YORKER! :mad:
(Yeah, I know Chrysler bought American Motors and AMC made Ramblers and Jeeps. They still ain't real Mopars, just like a Mopar ain't a Mercedes.... )

Thanks for the info guys!

Timber Wolf
September 29, 2001, 14:44
I understand moparman. What I had in mind when I typed that was the little Rambler American my Mom owned back in the 60s, can't get much more "American" than that! I would use Chevy truck parts myself.

September 29, 2001, 15:07
Oh yeah! I forgot about the "American". Only way to look more patriotic would be to paint your American "American" to look like the American flag along with some American flags waving from twin antennas! :D

BTW I lived in Seattle for a couple years awhile back and I saw quite a few of the Rambler Americans there. They all seemed to be driven by "women who reeeeelly like other women"(if you catch my drift). They all seemed to drive odd cars like that. Old Volvos and Ramblers and Corvairs and Gremlins and a Nash or 2. Very strange.... :confused: