View Full Version : Gas Piston Identification

September 28, 2001, 08:58
This one might be a good one for the FAQ. What are the identifying traits of each manufacturer's gas pistons? (I know how to ID a CAI, they're bent). I have a DSA, Tapco, Steyr, FN, and Imbel pistons lying around, and since I haven't fooled around with 'em lately I've forgotten which is which. :rolleyes:

September 28, 2001, 10:56
No particular ones I'm aware of for the Metrics. SOme of the L1A1 had ID marks for UE and UB runs.

C is CAI.

I don't know how DSA marks theirs, but they differ from an FN piston in appearance, too. Same for Tapco and FSE.

Derby FALs
September 28, 2001, 21:16
DSA has a longer middle bulge. FSE has 3 rings instead of 2 on the head.

September 28, 2001, 21:39
...Tapco has an "egg" shaped turning, Steyr has a threaded hole in the end,(DSAs' has the hole but it is not threaded).
...Which leaves the IMBEL. ;)


Harlan at FAC
September 30, 2001, 11:51
The U.S. manufactured ones we sell are marked " D.C. INDUSTRIES. INC. BLOOMINGTON, MN USA ". The marking is on the head section of the piston, on either side of the middle ring bulge.

September 30, 2001, 12:11
My Imbel looks just like my Steyr, but with no hole in the end.