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September 27, 2001, 17:32
worked over to match a worn G-1 kit?
--Getting tired of the restoration new looking FAL's--

Was there something special about the finish
that was part of the overall hardness? and not
to be touched?

September 27, 2001, 17:44
Build one up and send it to me. I'll be sure to put it through its paces and give it that "lived in" look.


September 27, 2001, 18:46
Originally posted by Matchman:
<STRONG> Was there something special about the finish that was part of the overall hardness? and not to be touched?</STRONG>

Anodize is a process that basically grows, half in and half out of the aluminum. So if you have .001" of anodize, .0005 is on the outside and .0005 is embedded into the aluminum. This is part of the aluminum, not a coating. This is also what gives you the hardness, so if you scratch it deep enough to go through the anodize, that spot will only be as hard as the parent metal (aluminum). It is an oxidation process, like steel rusting. It forms on the surface and under the surface.
There is really no way of making it look old without ruining the anodization.
If you are looking for a cheap solution, try painting it. Otherwise, use a steel receiver, you can beat them up to look old.

September 27, 2001, 21:39
Take a look at the anodizing treads starting at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WECSOG/messages/54?viscount=-50

You will have to join WECSOG (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WECSOG) in order to view the threads.

September 27, 2001, 23:25
You can make it look however you like with an airbrush.

Still, hard to beat a park'ed steel receiver for that authentic "worn" look.

September 27, 2001, 23:44
Originally posted by Matchman:
worked over to match a worn G-1 kit?

Get a big box of crayons. Or save money, steal your kid's crayons. Smudge random colors around and draw happy faces on it. Smear glue on the side, and if you use an electric shaver dump the whiskers on the glue. The receiver will look like it's growing hair. Leave bumps of glue and it'll look like hairy warts.

Use your imagination. How bad do you want it to look?

September 28, 2001, 00:24
I've thought about this for a steel reviever, was thinking of tieing it on a rope and draging it over a gravel and dirt path for awhile.. :D

The anodizing on the aluminium is probibly going to limit your wearing in of it's finish, maybe paint it and then mess that up a bit?

September 28, 2001, 00:58
Paint the whole weapon up like one of those field expedient camo'd R1's. Use a cheap paint or don't fully properly prepare the surfaces first so it will collect nicks and scratches and you'll have the well worn look sooner then you realize.

If you do it right, you'll have a neat looking, new looking weapon at first, followed by a neat looking, worn weapon later.