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redneck whitesox PBR
September 26, 2001, 19:27
Does anybody know how to remove that Take Down Lever at the back of my Lower ?
I'm baffled. :confused:

September 26, 2001, 19:35
With your stock off the lower (TMH, sorry Ted), look at the back of it, below the recoil spring tube almost at the bottom, there is a slotted screw. That screw, actually a threaded pin that engages a groove on the shaft of the frame lock lever, holds the lever in. Unscrew and remove the pin. Pull the lever out. If you want to remove the frame lock itself, there is a pin going through the lower at the bottom rear. Punch that pin out, but be careful to capture the spring and plunger it holds in. (Ask me how I know...) You can then pull the frame lock out of the TMH.

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September 26, 2001, 19:37
Remove the Buttstock assy. Looking at the back of the lower, you will see underneath the Recoil Spring Tube a very small slotted screw in a little hole. It retains the Takedown Lever. Unscrew it, push rearward on the latch inside the lower to relieve the spring tension on the lever and pull the lever out of the lower.


redneck whitesox PBR
September 26, 2001, 19:41
Thanks ! :)