View Full Version : Late Iowa pheasant hunt.

January 14, 2006, 13:18
Late season pheasant hunt. Too warm. 36 degrees we like it about -20. The birds hold up good when its cold.The snow was about 6" deep with a crusty level on the top that could ALMOST support your full body weight. Sneaking up on the bird was not possible. The grass was all blown in. We hunted sloughs and blocked pine trees and groves with some success. Eight dudes went in two trucks. WOW. Total kill for the dudes was 36 roosters. Not to bad. Some whiskey was broken out that did not go to well. My shooting is in need of some improvement. Passing shots at 40yrds or more was waste of ammo. I was shooting 3" nitro mags 4 and 6's. Next year will be all 3 1/2 twos and bb. No fooling around you do have some shots at far distances. Any bird that got up in front of me died. It was the far passing shot that killed me. I got my brothers reloader out for some loading of the practice rounds. We will really get them next year.

January 14, 2006, 13:55
sounds wonderfull ...good lord whats the legal limit per day back there ......our pheaseant pop is pretty bad here ...all the farmers remove fence row brush .....no habitat for them anymore....sound like you need a different choke on the shotgun ....have never seen agame bird not crumple with those nitro mags ...try a pattern yest at 40 yds ....might not be you .....

January 14, 2006, 14:18
10-4 on that test pattern. I was gonna do that on the next day off. I shoot a super black eagle. I noticed that the new modle has a raised barrel rib.hmmm. I dont want to go into some of the shots I missed . I start to get depressed. I should of really killed them on one day. I was disgusted with myself. Then only to kill with the first shot on a tuff shot. One place a friend pushed a piece of privite ground we saw over two hundred deer. and HUNDREDS on birds. Some of the sights I have seen. AWESOME.