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September 25, 2001, 21:46
Wilton seems to be the way to go, but which model in particular. Which will serve my FAL building needs and provide all around utility as well?

Looks like I'll be closing on my first house within the next couple weeks...which means I'll have my own garage as well!

September 25, 2001, 22:10
Good question. Wilton makes several different vices and I think the Columbian series is probably the strongest for the money in their line without getting into more "professional" type vices. I am looking into getting a new vice also and have looked at the Wiltons and some "import" vices. I may go the cheap route and get one of the 6" imports because of some other features that the comparable Wiltons don't have and I could use. I think the main difference in the Columbians and the others are the strength ratings. The Columbian is rated at 30,000psi and most of the others I have looked at don't have a rating, but the cheapie I like is supposedly forged, which I would think should be pretty strong. That's the little info I know.


September 25, 2001, 22:26
Hi guys;
we used Wilton 6" Heavy duty vises at work.
We could'nt break them no matter how hard we tried. Even used pipes on the handles to tighten up even more. Best & strongest vise that i've seen. These were made in the USA, I don't know if they still are :confused:

September 25, 2001, 23:29

September 26, 2001, 01:30
I've been looking at vises for a while, actually hoping for a find in a local pawn shop or used somewhere. Yea, the Tradesman looks great, but at $300 a pop ( :eek: ) I just can't quite see it. I will have to go with Wilton 6in. Heavy Duty Workshop Vise (http://www.northerntool.com/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/ProductDisplay?prrfnbr=58269&prmenbr=6970) for around $75, which is about a fourth as much. This also has a lifetime warranty.


Mr pogo
September 26, 2001, 04:47
Wilton C-3, 200+ pounds of Fal proof steel :p :D


September 26, 2001, 07:10
Don't buy Columbian. I've broken those. The best for the money is the Wilton tradesman or one of the top of the line Starret. I've done a lot of machine repair and a little gunsmithing and have broken just about every off brand and vise that retail for under $150.00. If you cant afford new get thee to a garage ssale or an auction.

September 26, 2001, 08:06
Originally posted by ricochet:
<STRONG>tHE wilton C2 is enough vise for our meeds. It is heavy but seems to be undestructible. I have busted 2 large chinese, and one huge Craftsman vise. Colombian and Rigid are great, but IF you buy a Wilton Trademan yocannot break it, nor ask for more. They accept abuse daily, they seem to work best when tested. Colombian and rigid offer great vises, but, if you suck it up and buy one of the best- you will have a friend that will accept abuse for your life (and maybe one that will be there for great grandkids).
Savung money is cool, that applies to most things, noy here ;)</STRONG>

Wilton's ezpect abuse. We have several of their biggest baddest vises (must weigh 6-7oo # and nothing except accetilyne can hurt them. Columbians are next best. but money spent on Wilton will benefit the grandkids.
Suck it up, buy Wilton. You will not regret, nor be able to improve.

September 26, 2001, 08:10
double tired pass

September 26, 2001, 12:54
I appreciate the advice offered thus far. I'm torn between wanting the Tradesman and saving $225 with the Columbian. The Columbian models are Wilton also, made in US and have lifetime warranty. The $225 saved would buy my barrel blocks, rosin, receiver wrench, headspace pins and gages, breaker bar etc.

There is no doubt the Tradesman would be a last stop deal. Will the Columbian hold a barrel in barrel blocks firmly enough? Trying to separate my wants and needs has always been tough for me. ;)

September 26, 2001, 14:01

Picture this:

You've got your new type 1 receiver all cinched-down in your receiver wrench.

You have your barrel secured in the "less-expensive" vise.

You insert your breaker-bar into the receiver wrench.

You turn the receiver wrench until it won't go no mo at 11:30.

You attach your cheater-bar to the breaker-bar.

You commence to tourqin'.



"Pop" goes the ol' vise.

<u>Down</u> goes the receiver with the barrel, the (broken) vise, reciver wrench, breaker-bar, cheater-bar, and your spirits.

"Snap" goes the corner of your $300+ receiver as it smashes against the floor of the workshop.

Pretty soon you have:

Now, let's see...what were we doing here...OH YEAH...saving money ;)